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by Susan Adamson

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Welcome to our brand new website! If you’ve been following SSA Interior Design for a while, you might notice that we have a brand new website. And if you haven’t been following SSA Interior Design, let me just take a minute to welcome you to our website!

We decided that 2016 was a great time to rebuild and redesign our website because we have every reason to believe that interior design in 2016 is going to be an exceptionally exciting field. Technology, style, and functionality are intersecting in some really innovative and astounding ways.

Trends for Interior Design in 2016

Don’t worry, we’re keeping up with all of the latest trends that interior designers see on the horizon for 2016. In the next, exciting year, you might see some of the following:

  • Custom Elements: Thanks to advances both in technology and changes in the way we value objects, custom pieces are becoming much more popular. We expect this to continue (maybe even explode) in 2016. This can mean custom lamp shades, custom bedding, or even custom paints. People understandably want their space to feel as unique and individualized as they are. This is something that SSA Interior Design specializes in.
  • 3D Printed Objects: Sometimes the perfect complimentary decoration just doesn’t exist. In 2016, that won’t stop most interior designers, who can simply have that complimentary decoration created on a 3D printer! We’ll have control over the material, the shape, and the design of any 3D printed object, because we can manufacture it from the ground up. As a brand new technology, designers are still learning the best ways to use 3D printing–but there’s no doubt this will form a huge component of our industry in the future.
  • Patters are Back: To some degree, the field of interior design is forever oscillating between two extremes: patterns and solids. The year of 2016 looks to be a big year for patterns–in this case, smaller patterns. The past couple of years have favored solids, so this shouldn’t be too surprising, but it does open up a world of possibilities when it comes to fabrics and upholstery.

When the Trends Matter and When They Don’t

It’s always important to keep up on the trends because they often inform what is aesthetically relevant and pleasing at any given time. That’s our job as interior designers. However, the most important trend is the client. We always try to balance what you love with what will form a lasting and positive aesthetic design impression. In other words, an interior designer will often take your personal style, and look at it through the lens of cutting edge design trends in order to ensure that you will love your home for years to come.

That’s why, when it comes right down to it, your personal style is often the most important element of any design project. That’s true whether we’re talking about interior design in 2016 or beyond. So if you’ve got a design challenge, don’t hesitate to contact us–or look through our brand new website to see what we can offer.

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