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by Susan Adamson

Finding the Best Art for Your Space

My personal favorite in the entire design process is the procurement and placement of art.

Art can come in many forms. It can be sculpture made of bronze or less traditional medium such as twigs and wire. It can be clay, glass or fabric. Endless materials are used by today artists in creating three dimensional objects that we commonly refer to as sculpture.

Art can be framed prints or photos, paintings or etches. They can be original oils by the Masters or copies of such. Framing can be ornate and multi layered or simple and sleek. Canvas can be wrapped with no exterior framing. Large pieces can set the mood or direction of a room. Small pieces can accent a room or play a back ground role in setting a stage for another more prominent piece.

Emphasizing Space and Symmetry

You can hang groups of paintings or display collections of favorite pottery. Pieces you may have picked up while traveling throughout Europe or Asia may command a dedicated area in your home to enjoy your walks down memory lane. Where ever your travels might take you, be assured those treasures you acquire will find a place in your home.

Understanding spacial and symmetry requirements in showcasing your pieces and collections is very important. Knowing those needs in advance, particularly in a construction phase, can optimize presentation opportunities. Of course, it should look as though it all just evolved. That’s what I love the most, massaging the end result!

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