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by Susan Adamson

Bring Style to Your Bathroom

The family bathroom is likely the hardest-working room in the house. It is used day and night. There was a time when all of this took place in a room not much larger than the space of todays standard closet. Today we want our bathrooms to be beautiful and functional as well as easy to clean. Bathrooms are getting bigger, have more features. They are made with better materials and accommodate more that one person at a time. Division of inner areas allow one to relax in a bubbly tub while another enjoys a multiple shower head experience. If you’re looking for help designing your bathroom in Chandler, AZ, SSA Interior Design is here to help!

What Makes a Great Bathroom?

Great bathroom designs include convenient storage. Above counter storage and drawers offer ready access to frequently used items. Below counter can house linens and towels. If you’re lucky enough to have space for a walk-in closet the options are even better.

The traditional bathroom has been described as:

  • Full Bath, including tub, sink & Toilet
  • 3/4 Bath including shower, sink & toilet
  • Half Bath, including sink & toilet

Today’s bath are better described as:

  • Master Bath
  • Jack & Jill Bath
  • Guest Bath
  • Powder Room

They may include jacuzzi tubs, steam rooms, soaking tubs, multiple sinks, toilets that are water saving, multiple head showers, heated towel racks and chandeliers!

The materials being used these days maybe granite, tile or poured surfaces. Floors are heated and covered with a variety of finishes. Areas can be stone, porcelain tile, plank or carpeted. There may be dressing areas, shower areas, tub areas, and walk in linen closets.

Things to consider for safety maybe include grab bars, slip-resistant materials, tub and shower valves temperature regulated, GFCI protecting electrical circuitry, lockable medicine cabinets and easily opened privacy locks for emergent situations.

Rely on the Experience of a Bathroom Designer You Can Trust

Style is required here as in any other part of your home. Everything should flow with other architectural elements of the entire living space. It is our endeavor as designers to assist you in wading through the plethora of materials, lighting and fixtures to produce the outcome you desire. If you’re looking for a bathroom designer in Sun Lakes, , Chandler, Scottsdale, or across the United States, contact us right away!

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