Bedding Design

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by Susan Adamson

Most of us spend a large portion of our time in bed or in our bedrooms. We deserve to make those rooms as comfortable and relaxing as possible. They should be calm havens for relaxation and spaces conducive to unwinding from the stress of a long day. Whether you’re looking for new bedding design in Chandler, AZ, or St Paul, MN, we can help you get the style you want.

Designing Where You Sleep

For many of us our room is just a space for sleep, perhaps adorned with only a comforter or throw tossed on a bed to cover the necessities. What we could be finding when we open that door to our enclave is inviting cool cotton sheets, a cozy woolen blanket or fluffy quilt to snuggle into for an afternoon nap or a quick curl up with a
favorite book.

Options to enhance what we may already have could be a soft, padded headboard made from lush fabric or supple leathers. A canopy dropped over a headboard can make an otherwise open space feel like a cocoon. Drapery dropped behind a bed of iron or brass can soften a hard surface.

Elements of a Rest Area

There are many elements that make up ones rest area. Pillows and sheets make the foundation on which you will build your own amazing nest. Get the very best you can afford as this is what will swath you in your sleep. Bolsters of silk or ticking coverlets, pique pillows or velvet throws, Matelasse bedspreads, feather-stiched patchwork or stenciled duvets can all layer up to provide personal touches of warmth when you most need it.

Wading through the plethora of fabrics, textures, colors is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Add to that scallops, edging, fringes, ties, zigzags, appliques, padding, feather filling, motifs, viole, stripes, plaids and drop matches are just a few of the things to take into consideration when making selections. A designer can narrow down those options to create your private space to reflect your individual personality.

I am here to make it an enjoyable process and achieve your desired end result. My Sun Lakes, AZ, custom bedding design clients know how great it feels to get just the right bedding!

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