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by Susan Adamson

Your Best Personal Style

We all want our homes to be comfortable to live in and a place where guests feel at home. Achieving that outcome requires planning and inspiration. Knowing what style feels right and reflects your personality is paramount to a successful outcome.
Are you formal, casual, modern, traditional. Are you drawn to Country style, Garden Style or Cottage Style. Do you relate to Adobe, Tuscan, Dessert, South Western or Santa Fe Styles? What about Montana Timber, Wormed Log or simply Northern Cabin Style. Rustic timber and beam homes have become popular with their mix of stone and iron.

Understanding the architecture elements of your home is critical to moving forward with the selecting of furnishings. The style of the main living area should complement all adjacent spaces. Often its the style and palette chosen for the living room that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

Adding Emphasis to Your Design

If you have an area dedicated to being your “family room” you may want the living room to take on a more formal look. Formal does not mean stuffy or uncomfortable. You may use furnishings with more delicate patterns or soft upholstery. You may want to use richer woods and deeper colors.

Your family room area, which would typically have more traffic and clutter, can be much more informal using baskets, rustic trunks, painted occasional pieces to complement leather and woven coverings.

Selecting the Perfect Furniture and Art for Your Home

Know your furnishings function. Is it intended for seating, sleeping or storage? Should it act as a space divider. In a large space you may want your furnishings to crate cozy sitting areas. Perhaps a hearth room effect. Perhaps an entertainment area for television viewing. It is important that your case goods are proportioned correctly as to not overwhelm a room and make the wrong statement.

Should your furniture roll, swivel, tilt or recline? Should it stack, fold or be multifunctional? Should your sofas be two seaters, three seaters, love seats or demi- sofas. Overstuffed, tuffted or solid back? What type of support do you need or desire? Should those pieces have tight backs, attached cushion backs or loose back? Should the bases be block feet, bun feet or skirted? What occasional pieces do you mix with the main pieces.

As a designer I can look at the entire picture from an objective view point with no previously conceived notions of how that should be achieved. The outcome may be what you had envisioned but achieved from an entirely different perspective. It’s a great journey and one we can enjoy together.

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