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by Susan Adamson

Kitchen Designs From Chandler, AZ

What once was considered to be a strictly utilitarian part of a family’s dwelling has now become the Heart of the Home. The average household spends more of its time in the kitchen than in any other room. It has outgrown its focus as merely a cooking role but is now a social center for everyday living. Taking on serving as a dining space, family room, office and craft area are only a few things to consider when planning this very important space. It is the headquarters of the family unit and, like any other room one spends a great amount of time in, deserves the character and style that creativity brings to a space.

Kitchens That Reflect Your Personal Style and Work

Understanding your personal style is important in setting the tone. Is it the look of a quaint cottage, an elegant victorian or a modern loft. Do you prefer the relaxed feel of a country kitchen or a sleek, contemporary one? No matter what your style the outcome should be inviting, soothing,and comforting. Warm and welcoming.

Cooking is an integral part of this room. It supports the social role of the room, here cakes are frosted, school lunches are prepared, homework is completed and impromptu meals are served. People gather while the cook is stirring a marinara sauce or chopping salad ingredients, enjoying a glass of wine and catching up on the days chatter. How it works, how traffic flows and appliances are located are important decisions.

Embracing Who You Are

Creating that room that embraces all who enter with warmth and charm can be a challenging task to one who is not accustomed to dealing with the various aspects of creating environments. There are many components to consider such as countertops. Should they should be butcher block, granite, tile or poured surfaces. Cabinets have many variations, painted or stained, metal or stainless. Should they have glass fronts, woven panels or left open to display your most favorite dish collections. Should the floors be a planked hardwood, terra cotta, stone or an engineered surface. Lighting this space for a variety of uses has any considerations. Should it be recessed, track lighting, under counter, below or above cabinet, halogen, LED or distinctive fixtures?

Get Going On Your New Kitchen

All of this is a bit overwhelming if its not a part of your everyday experience. As a interior designer we deal with this complex set of questions on a regular bases. We’ve designed kitchens for Chandler, AZ and Grand Forks, ND, and everywhere in between. Let me help you make this journey an exciting and pleasant experience!

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