Paint and Wallcovering Selection

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by Susan Adamson

More than Decoration

Paint and Wallcovering play a major part in decorating your home, whether that home is in Chandler/Sun Lakes, AZ, or Fargo, ND. Browsing through design magazines, improvement stores or home decorating shops can be overwhelmed with fantastic ways to color your home, vibrant shades, bold combinations, unusual texturing and daring applications. You may them all but when it comes to selection your confidence can easily leave you and you retreat to basic neutrals. This is where I can help you make those decisions.

Everyone has an emotional response to color as we all know what we like and dislike. Choosing paints and wallcoverings is just a question of harnessing that reaction, determining your own personal sense of style and going for it.

Considering Your Color

There are a variety of things to consider when choosing colors.

  • Which colors naturally appeal to your taste?
  • Which colors make you feel relaxed, or seem to give you energy?
  • Is the room used for work, lay or relaxation?
  • Does the room face north, south, east or west?
  • Would you like the room to feel cozy or open?

You may decide to decorate all the rooms in your home with colors from the the same family to give it a more coherent look or use several depending how the spaces move into each area. You might used cool, restful shades in your bedroom or bright primaries in your children’s playroom.

Colors that Compliment

Choosing from Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors that can compliment each other is one, if not the most, important decision you can make. Should it me matte, glossy, eggshell, opaque or translucent. What level of durability do you need, should it be scrubbable? Those decisions set the base for everything else you will do. It is where your engaging the services of an interior designer is your best spent dollars.

Contact me for a color consult. It can be the beginning to a great outcome!

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