plan review, layout, and utility

ssa interior design

by Susan Adamson

Start With a Good Plan

As we all know the key to success is to have a well thought out and executed plan. There are many stages to the development process. Using an architect or draftsman can be key to having your home meet your space and utility requirements.

At various steps you will need to decide on a number of factors. How many bedrooms will my family need, now and in the future. The little ones that share a room as toddlers may find that they need their own space and privacy as they get older. Will that require more bath rooms or study areas in that area of your home. Will you have a need for an elderly parent to join your family on a permanent basis?

Designing Your Home to Fit Your Life

Does your weather permit you to enjoy a living space outdoors along with a kitchen area. Would your climate require a screened in area to ward off mosqitoes as our North and Northeastern areas of our country. Or is a lani a must have as in the Southern states to protect you from bugs, snakes and other intruders? How those areas integrate with your traffic patterns and daily use are very important and should be well thought out. Courtyards and walkways and green space patterns need to be incorporated from the beginning of a build project before plans for structure are finalized.

Traffic patterns in the kitchen and main living areas must be well thought out. Cabinet choices and utility mistakes are hard and costly to correct after the fact. Is the user left handed or right handed? That can make a difference particularly in the kitchen and utility areas. How doors swing in and out of halls and walking areas and closets are important. Is a space that is constricted better served by pocket doors or simply area dividers. Should walls go to the ceiling or stop short leaving room for transfer of light.

Perhaps transom windows or skylights should be considered for enhanced lighting needs.

Starting with a Consultation

All of these questions and many more must be considered during the design process. Having your designer in the loop from the very beginning will save lots of change orders as your home is being built or remodeled. Let my years of experience help you.

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