Window Treatments

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by Susan Adamson

What Do Your Windows Do For You?

All windows are not created equal. What do the windows in your home offer? Perhaps a beautiful mountain or fairway on one of our many golf courses here in the Valley of the Sun? Or could it be more unsightly and needs masking? What part would you like to emphasize? Perhaps the lovely lines of an arch or intricate moldings that frame that view? Would you like to hide the heat and glare of the evening sun that we all experience here in the desert? Or is your window simply the wrong size
for the room? I’ve certainly seen that happen more than just a few times.

These questions make window selection in Chandler, AZ, or Fargo, ND, a complicated question. So much depends on your environment, your home, and your style.

Considering Your Style

There are many things to consider when designing a window treatment. How it should function. Stationery window dressing are appropriate for rooms where we simply want to enhance beauty or soften hard lines. They are motionless and often
serve as a backdrop for furnishings.

Protection from the harmful rays of light. West facing windows may need treatments that can defuse the heat and damaging rays of light. Light can do great damage to fabrics and artwork. Add a site on water where the reflection greatly multiplies the effect of the rays and it become paramount the selections be correct. How important is your privacy? At the end of a long day we many times would prefer not to experience noise, clutter and the outside world. Window treatments can provide a sanctuary in many functional ways such as stationery sheers, roman shades, woven panels or bamboo shades.

The Value of an Interior Designer

Another thing to consider is whether the mount should be inside or outside the casement. Should it expand the perceived size of the window by mounting one or more feet to the left right of the existing frame. These and many more considerations go into a result that will meet or exceed your expectations. That is once again, where my services can be of great value to you.

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